Natural Upholstery Fabric

If you are interested in re-upholstery your furniture, why not consider a natural upholstery fabric? We offer a variety of natural fabrics in an array of colors and textures. We can find a fabric that works well with your existing decor. Some common natural upholstery fabric types include cotton, wool, linen. leather, and silk.

  • Wool is a very strong natural upholstery fabric and can resist everyday wear and tear. Wool can be a little abrasive and is often used in floor coverings such as carpeting and rugs. It is a warm and durable fabric; sometimes it is blended with other natural or synthetic fabrics to form a composite material.
  • Cotton is also a strong fabric and it has the added advantage of being a comfortable and breathable fabric. Cotton can be dyed relatively easily and as such, comes in a broad range of colors. Cotton is a good choice of fabric for upholstery, drapery, and floor coverings. Cotton comes in different weaves and finishes so it can be used in many home upholstery projects. It is considered a “family friendly” fabric.
  • Linen is a beautiful fabric that is a pleasure to the eyes and to the touch. However, linen wrinkles easily and is prone to staining and soiling. Linen is a favorite fabric for tablecloths and window coverings.
  • Leather is an tough fabric that brings a touch of class to any room. Leather is sturdy and can be easily cleaned by wiping. Furniture made with leather can last a long time and offers a unique ambiance to a room
  • Silk is an elegant and delicate natural upholstery fabric. It is often used in formal sitting rooms as window coverings but it can be used for many other elements of home decor. Silk comes in different weights and colors so it is versatile though, it is considered an “adult” fabric because it will not withstand the rough and tumble of a family.

San Diego Upholstery Restoration is pleased to offer a selection of natural upholstery fabrics. Please call us at (858) 518-7407 for consultation. We service the greater San Diego area including South Bay, East County and North County.