Interior Designer San Diego

San Diego Upholstery Restoration and Laure de la Chapelle designs beautiful homes in San Diego and the surrounding suburbs. We focus in taking an existing living room, bedroom, kitchen, bathroom or any other room of your home that you aren’t loving anymore and turn it into a space that you will love for many years to come. If you are ready to finally ditch that worn out sofa from college or the builder basic countertops that came with the bathroom in your new home, you have found the right place. Let our experience in interior design guide you through the remodeling and Interior Designer San Diego process to make sure that your project ends up looking great with the least amount of frustration along the way.

San Diego Upholstery Restoration brings to life interiors that are interesting, warm and curated. We choose careful, artful and deliberate choices of accents and materials that infuse life and interest into any interior room. Laure de la Chapelle interiors maneuver through multiple worlds at once, never colliding but happily and effectively bringing together colors and effects. We offer a full range of design services for diverse and discerning clients around the San Diego and North County area. Our creative spirit is infectious, with design projects, fabrics, material selections, and the latest curated finds being carefully considered in the creative mélange known as San Diego Upholstery Restoration. Our work is industry leading and sure to produce the effect you are looking for.

As the guiding force behind San Diego Upholstery Restoration, Laure de la Chapelle has forged a dimension in the world of exquisite design. Laure brings the personal attention required to fully develop perfection in spaces for living and working. Her reputation is in beauty which is garnered by her education and experience. We designs interiors that are a direct reflection of our client’s personality and taste, which range from old world opulence. It is our caring and gentle manner that allows our work to become fully incorporated into the lives of our clients. We study our client’s needs and desires, then incorporates them as vital elements in all of our design work. We recognizes and honor our client’s identities while elevating their environments through the design.