Furniture Repair San Diego

Furniture Repair San DiegoSan Diego Upholstery Restoration can help you save money on the replacement cost of furniture. Repairing furniture is an efficient and effective option. Often times the cost of furniture repair is fractions of the cost of replacement. Our experts have the skills needed to repair modern and and antique furniture pieces. We service any upholstered furniture in your home. This includes recovering couches, chairs, ottoman, and antiques. Not just anyone has the attention to detail to successfully repair and restore furniture pieces to their original state. This is not as critical when you think in terms of heavily trafficked “family room” pieces that just need basic repairs to get more life out of them. But when considering repairing furniture which holds great sentimental value or pieces of great value, it is especially important to rely on a furniture repair expert.

Need Quality Furniture Repair San Diego?

With years of dedicated experience, the professionals at San Diego Upholstery Restoration know how to handle any restoration or furniture repair San Diego. No matter how little or big the job, high quality results are available to you at affordable prices. If you have been hanging on to an old piece of furniture that has seen better days, don’t just throw it away and get a new expensive piece that could cost months to pay off. Instead, utilize our expertise in furniture repair San Diego and get brand new looking furniture for fractions of the cost of buying furniture that you might not really need.

Our professional furniture repair team can also repair any custom made furniture. We have the expertise needed to service pieces designed specifically for you. Whether it is repair or restoration of the original piece or even a modification to the custom piece, we have the expertise to handle the job. From cracks or scratches to worn fabrics and leathers, we can repair and restore all types of furniture pieces so that your furniture looks new again. Find us on Yelp!