Del Mar Upholstery Restoration

A home is beautiful and distinctive when decorated with vintage furniture that is reminiscent of glory days of the past.  However, the effects of time and repeated-use can take a toll on sofas, chairs and furnishings. You can reverse the effects of everyday wear-and-tear with Del Mar Upholstery Restoration services by Laure de la Chapelle.  Laure’s skill and exemplary craftsmanship can revive your well-loved furniture with delicate repairs and new fabrics.  At San Diego Upholstery Restoration, Laure and her team can give your legacy furnishings renewed life through renovative techniques and detailed craftsmanship.

San Diego Upholstery Restoration is a family owned establishment.  With decades of experience in the industry, Laure de la Chapelle offers the best possible upholstery and restoration services in the area. The upholstery restoration team achieves the exemplary results because of their attention to detail, their inherent understanding of design, and their use of high-quality materials.  San Diego Upholstery Restoration stocks many fabrics and materials so you have many styles, textures, and colors to choose from. Experienced craftsmen can blend new and old fabrics so your furniture will look and feel beautiful once more.

If you are looking for Del Mar Upholstery Restoration services, please call San Diego Upholstery Restoration for an evaluation.  Laure and her team value customer service and satisfaction and will do everything possible to renovate your beloved furniture and upholstery. Please call (858) 518-7407 for consultation. Upholstery and furniture renovation is also available in South Bay, East County, and North County San Diego.

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